Choosing Your New Wooden Coffee Table

Once just a little piece of a furniture set, coffee tables are now their own furniture piece. So when you are shopping for a new wooden coffee table, think about your and your family’s lifestyle before making the final decision. Figuring out just a few simple things about how you live will ensure you choose your perfect table.

To begin with, what is this table primarily used for? The table that displays a few nice knickknacks and the table that kids play at may both be coffee tables, but will have different traits. A coffee table in a formal sitting room can stand to be more delicate and not as durable as a coffee table in a busy den. So make sure that the design you adore can withstand whatever treatment your household will give it in the coming years.

Next, take your home and your decorating scheme into consideration. Do you decorate strictly with a specific style? You may be fond of a rustic coffee table, but it might not look very good in your contemporary house. Or you might like a dark table, but if your living room does not get much sunlight, a light colored table would help brighten up the room. However, a dark wooden coffee table would lend a much richer, complete look to a traditionally decorated living room. Naturally, it’s your decision as to which coffee table you will choose, but keeping with your home’s style will ensure you still love your new table even after it is no longer new.

Lastly, what’s the best coffee table size for you and your family? Coffee tables typically are around 18″ high, but you may want to consider a higher table if it replaces your dining table several times a week. Generally, you want your table’s height to be even with or a couple of inches lower than the sofa or the chair seats.

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