Beginners Guide To Purchasing A Vacuum Cleaner


With so many different vacuum cleaners on the market, it’s difficult to find the one that will meet your budget and your needs. We’ve put together a guide of the popular features that will hopefully help you in your guide.

One of the first questions you want to ask is if you want an upright or canister vacuum cleaner. Most people prefer the upright vacuums because they are easier to move and lighter in weight. However, canisters are also popular because they have stronger suction and they perform better on hardwood floors and tile.

The next major question is whether you should have a bagless or a bagged vacuum. Bagless systems are the most convenient, but do require some sort of HEPA filter to make up for any filtration loss. The bagged system is absolutely the best for people suffering from alergies or asthma.

Another question is how you will be using this vacuum. Are you going to be using it for hardwood floors? And do you want a vacuum that will work for cleaning furniture and drapes and so on. Those are important features that you absolutely want to look for when you’re purchasing your vacuum cleaner.

And finally, price is always a factor. Some of the vacuums like the Kirby, Oreck, or Dyson, come with a much higher pricepoint. But if you don’t need the features that they include, then you should obviously steer clear. Typically, by looking at discount sites you can find specials on most of the vacuums that you might have your eye on. Or if you go to a retail chain, you can test out the vacuum for 30 days before you make any decisions. That way, you can know that you are spending your money on something that works for you. If you follow these rules, then you should be on your way to finding a vacuum cleaner for your needs.

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