Bathrooms – Truly the heart of the home

Looking to add more value to your home? Perhaps renovation is the best solution; however, with so many different rooms providing different roles throughout the house, it can be difficult to know where to start developing the house. A lot of people would agree that the kitchen is an excellent place to start, as it lets ion a lot of light and holds most domestic appliances, however I disagree, the place I think to be the most important is the bathroom, as it’s a place where a person can feel vulnerable if they are not completely comfortable in and because it is shared with the family or flatmates, it needs to be appealing enough to make all tenants comfortable, thus making it more important than the bedrooms.

The first thing to do, when thinking about renovating the bathroom is to think about the colour scheme, and personally I recommend a black and white colour scheme as it gives a sense of luxury which you can then match by getting some top quality bathroom suites. Sometimes the suites you choose will also come in a glossy black and white colour scheme, which will all tie in together perfectly.

When choosing a new set of cabinets it is important to think about the more practical issues and be willing to sacrifice some of the aesthetic for things such as space. However often, if you buy with a small company, they will advise you to get the best compromise in this department, as often there will be a great looking cabinet that doesn’t extrude too far and will have plenty of space inside.

After you have bought your units, it is simply a case of getting the matching textile products in the bathroom. I’d recommend a black shower mat and curtain so that they contrast with the bath and wall tiles and then to tie the whole room and colour scheme together have a neutral colour that isn’t black or white as the flooring or maybe the wall tiles. Brown works rather well for this, and the shade would depend on how much light is let in by the windows. I think that this will make your bathroom look great and will increase your house’s value.

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