Asthma Relief - 8 Quick & Easy Steps


Although Asthma is associated with airborne allergies and occasional food sensitivities, great improvement can occur by following a few simple suggestions.

1. Remove all asthma causing allergens or irritants

(tobacco smoke, pet dander, dust mites, pollen, perfumes, cleaning products, mold & mildew)

– The quality of air you breathe in your home may be robbing you of good health. Modern energy- efficient homes, by virtue of their airtight design, often trap chemical vapors from furniture, carpets, and building adhesives. Condensation from air ducts, houseplant soil, and sink areas can produce harmful mold, fungus, yeast and bacteria.

2. Rid your home of all toxic personal care and home care products.

– The EPA warns the nation’s worst pollution is inside our homes. A number of homes tested have toxic chemical levels 70 times higher inside the home than outside.

– Since 1980, asthma has increased by 600%. The Canadian Lung Association and the Asthma Society of Canada identify common household cleaners and cosmetics as triggers.

– The outgassing of toxic vapors from both personal care and home hygiene products significantly increases air quality challenges.

3. Convert your home to all natural toxin free products.

– 150 chemicals found in the home are connected to asthma, allergies, birth defects, cancer & phychological disorders. [Source: Consumer Protection Agency (CPA)]

– Chlorine, one of the most harmful cleaning products, is so widespread that it’s almost as if a house wouldn’t be considered a home without it. An ingredient in many cleaners, chlorine is called hypochlorite, sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen chloride and hydrochloric acid. Chlorine is an extremely dangerous substance that can cause permanent physical damage and even death. It is a strong irritant to the lungs and the mucous membranes and has been found to cause ASTHMA.

4. As you convert your home to toxin free products, remember to Shampoo your carpets with all natural, toxin free products.

5. Take a well designed nutritional supplement which supplies the nutrients important to immune system. Triple antioxidant protection

6. Get enough rest.

7. Further relief may come from a humidifier or vaporizer with water.

– Use in bedroom each night for best results. Add all natural tree tea oil to water for relief of symptoms.

8. Change air return filters monthly during extreme weather usage.

– Frequently spray all filters and vents with diluted all natural cleaner.

What does this all really mean for you – well when asthma sufferers are introduced to a chemical free environment their symptoms go away and even more they find their asthma is gone.

Source by Cheryl K Webb

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