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With technology advancing at such a great pace, we are always on the look out for new technological devices that would make our life more convenient. The importance of gadgets seems to grow as technology advances; and because of this, many of us tend to forget the value of old possessions. Although in general the younger generation may not have that great interest in antiques, there are people around the world who see collecting antiques as not only a hobby but a very important part of their lives.

The term antique originated from the Latin word "antiquus" which means ancient or old. Different people classify items as antiques differently. Some people consider items that are at least a hundred years old to be antiques. On the other hand, some people consider only items that are at least three hundred years old to be one. No matter how old an object is, age certainly plays the key role in defining antiques. Apart from age, an item must be in its original condition and unaltered to be considered antique. In classifying a car, the criteria can be slightly different as compared to other objects. Cars that are roughly seventy-five years old can be considered antiques while some do not have to be that old to be classified as classics such as luxury vehicles.

An antique can be anything, from a bracelet to furniture as long as it is a collectable item. Antique items such as antique furniture can cost more than modern furniture due to their rarity as they were not mass produced. The value of such furniture can also be determined by their age. The older it is, the more it would cost as it would guarantee more that it is antique. Another factor that makes antiques such priced possessions is the fact that most of them used to be hand crafted that gave these items great class and detail. Some people who value art greatly would be very keen on collecting masterpieces where craftsmen spent hours and hours creating them.

The act of collecting antique items can be called antiquing. Identifying, bargaining, negotiating and buying are the processes of antiquing. Antiquing enthusiasts go out of their way to search for antiques that they can collect or use. They can range from tables, sculptures, paintings, jewelery and furniture up to many other forms of collectables. The most collected antique item by people is furniture as they can use it for practical uses. People can buy these collectables from almost anywhere. There are many shops around the world that sell antiques. One can also find sourcing them out on the internet worthwhile. Different people can have diverse interest in the type of items they want to collect like some people only collect antiques from a certain period of time. Antiquing can be a very expensive hobby, but those who are very passionate about it would not consider money to be an issue.

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