Amish Benefit Sale: The Fisher Farm, Intercourse, PA


It was another hot summer day in Lancaster, PA. But there was a consistent breeze blowing over the hillside, which did a good job of keeping the heat from sticking.

The Fisher farm is located just outside of Intercourse, PA and just down the road from a local Amish Furniture retail store. Alongside being a fully functioning farm, the Fisher’s also have an Amish woodshop on the premises, where quality oak Amish furniture is constructed.

The benefit auction has been held at the Fisher farm for a number of years now. All of the proceeds go to benefit a local special needs school and care center. The sale is held annually on the closest Monday to the 4th of July, and it has become a popular social event for the Amish community in the Intercourse area.

The Fisher’s had set up three tents the previous week, in anticipation of the sale. However, a heat wave brought in some severe thunder storms which tour two of those tents apart. Replacement tents were found and the sale went on without a hitch.

The heat of the day and the severe weather from the weekend did not deter the local Amish as well as the visitors lucky enough to come along the sale that day. The sale is open to the public and tourists are encouraged to visit.

Three tents made up the venue for the event. This Fisher Farm sits along Old Philadelphia Pike, just down from Intercourse, PA. The largest tent was for the incredible amount of Amish food sold at the event. Freshly grilled BBQ chicken, BBQ ribs, homemade ice cream, homemade potato chips, whoopee pies, shoe fly pies, fresh waffle cut french fries, fruit smoothies, fresh roasted almonds, and more. The food is an experience all in itself, making this event worthy of the likes of Anthony Bourdain.

The second tent was dedicated just for eating the food, with tables and chairs set up underneath to shelter the feasting crowd from the warm sun.

The third tent was set up for the sale itself. Items sold at the auction were donated throughout the year and included a variety of wonderful treasures including Amish quilts, Amish furniture, Amish crafts, and a large number of other Amish goods and keep sakes.

This event is a great opportunity for the “English” (“English” is a term used by the Amish to refer to anyone who is not Amish) to interact and be alongside the Amish in a natural social setting. If you have the opportunity to be in Lancaster County in early July, be sure to put this event on your calendar. It is a must see and a perfect opportunity to experience a bounty of Amish culture in a welcoming and community oriented setting. Plus, you will be supporting a great cause!

One of our favorite photo opportunities of the day was the set up for the horse and buggy ties. The Amish buggies were parked on the outside of a long line of hay wagons. The horses were unhitched and tied up to the hay wagons, were they were provided with lots of delicious hay to eat whilst escaping the heat underneath a beautiful shade tree.

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*(The Amish do not like to have their pictures depicted as individuals. We do our best to provide you with quality and dynamic images that depict Amish life, without betraying their desire to be kept anonymous.)

Source by J Michael Glick

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