Advantages and Disadvantages of Custom Home Office Furniture


You look around your home office and decide that it is time for a change in the furniture. Perhaps you are setting up your office space and need to purchase the initial furniture. Some business owners are selecting custom home office furniture. Before going this route, take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages for custom home office furniture.


* One terrific advantage to custom home office furniture is the ability to select and design furniture with specific features. For example, if you don’t want your computer tower stored on the desk surface or floor a special shelf can be designed to fit the tower dimensions and have vents to prevent overheating. Perhaps you want your filing cabinet attached to the corner section of your wall. A designer could build you one with deep drawers and tailor it to fit securely and snuggly into the wall.

* You have looked everywhere and can’t seem to find furniture that matches the rest of your home décor. Custom furniture is ideal for complimenting existing furniture and color schemes.

* You are in control of the custom furniture project once you select a designer. This gives you freedom on material, color and design choices for the furniture. You can set a reasonable budget and have more control of the cost of furniture for your home office area.

* Not everyone has the liberty to convert an entire room of their home to an office area. Using custom home office furniture allows you to design furniture that will fit into a compact or unusually shaped area that traditional, store bought furniture is not designed for. You can make the most of the area you are converting with custom home office furniture.

* Non-custom home office furniture assumes that we are all primarily the same body shapes and sizes. Custom chairs will fit to your shape and size to offer maximum comfort and decrease the incidence of discomfort or pain after working long hours. Custom desks will cater to your specific positioning for equipment such as keyboards and monitors. You will be more comfortable from not having to strain your eyes or hold your wrists in an uncomfortable position. Business owners with custom designed office furniture are more productive because they are comfortable and not distracted by annoyances and pains such as eye strain or back aches.


If you are in a hurry to set up your office so that you can open your business, custom furniture might not be an immediate option. It takes time to create, build and install this type of furniture.

Custom home office furniture can become quite pricy if you are not careful. It is important to work within a reasonable budget and communicate with the designer about the costs of your specific needs, materials and designs.

There are many advantages to custom home office furniture if your budget and time constraints can accommodate them. The process of ordering and designing home office furniture does not have to be difficult or outrageously expensive. Select a designer that will work with you on a reasonable budget to provide you the office furniture of your dreams.

Is your home office feeling a bit drab. Why not look at custom built home office furniture?

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