Add Southwest Touches to Your Living Room


Since the living room is supposed to be a favorite place in our homes for spending time, create something more than a drab uninviting environment. It doesn’t matter where you are located, you can create a beautiful living room with southwest touches very easily. The main questions when you begin a decorating project like this, is what can I do and where do I begin to create an inviting place for my friends and family to gather?

Depending on how you interpret southwest decor will be the deciding factor of how to re-decorate. Each person will come up with different ideas. Mexican and Spanish themes bring bright bold colors and rounded archways to mind? Do you think of a western cowboy and Indian theme with colors such as rust and brown and stunning artwork of Native Americans? The awesome thing about decorating in a southwest theme is that you can use just one aspect of the southwest or combine any and all of the themes, depending on your own personal likes and dislikes.

A good beginning point is to choose a color of paint for the walls that you feel creates a southwest feeling. Deep reds, oranges and yellows are popular southwest colors. Colors that work well in your western or Indian theme room are turquoise, browns, and rust. Take this exciting first step! Chunky wooden furniture is a good choice when purchasing furniture for your southwest living room. These items seem to work well no matter which way you lean when deciding on a southwestern theme for your living space.

To make a bold statement in your room, choose unique items to accessorize. Accent pieces are like placing pieces of your personality around the room, so be sure to incorporate accessories that you love. To add texture and color to your room, as well as warmth and character, choose brightly patterned throw rugs. Great accent pieces for your fireplace would be a colorful rug or runner in front of or over your mantle. Both look fantastic in a southwest room. A terrific way to bring unity to your room by adding color blends, is to use an area rug under your coffee table. A great accent piece would be throw pillows made of animal hides.

Artwork will definitely complete a room. Find treasures that you enjoy in the southwestern themes like Mexican, western or Native American. By purchasing a piece of art from a starving artist, you’ll be helping them pursue their dream and end up with a timeless treasure. Who knows? Purchasing a painting from a starving artist will be a good investment if the artist becomes famous someday! Rustic wooden frames complete the picture in a southwest room.

Before you can actually call your southwest room complete, you must add interesting artifacts. You can possibly find great items to use as artifacts at a flew market or collecting things of interest as you travel throughout the years. Family and friends will love talking to you about such objects of realism you have added to your southwest room. A few ideas to help you get started are Native American baskets or hand made wooden dolls, mission style bells or religious statues, a cowboy’s used lasso or a branding iron or Mexican pottery or burro baskets. It always creates more of a home-like feeling if you make your purchases from the actual craftsman that made the item.

Creating your southwest living room will be a pleasurable experience. With thoughtful preparation, your finished room filled with elements from other cultures, will make you feel as though you have crossed borders and traveled continents, all within the comforting walls of your home.

Source by Craig Chambers

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