A Thorough Steam Clean Can Refresh Carpets and Upholstery


Steam Cleaning is often described as the most thorough, environmentally friendly method of removing ingrained grease, dirt and stains.

It can be used to great effect on many surfaces around the home and workplace, as the new owner of a much-neglected small hotel discovered.

The hotel was bought with furniture, carpets and other soft furnishing included, but on first inspection it looked likely that much of it had been neglected and all might have to be replaced.

Tiles and grouting in some washrooms and bathrooms was showing signs of mould growth. Carpets were stained from various spills, and curtains and other soft furnishings were showing their age.

In a situation where profit margins were tight, the new owner decided that before getting rid of absolutely everything in the building he would see what could be achieved with a thorough commercial clean.

Firstly the company carried out a risk assessment to make sure the work could all be carried safely for its own and the hotel’s staff.

As far as was possible it inspected the soft furnishings to check whether they were made of natural or synthetic fibres and assess whether they would withstand a thorough steam clean.

While it was not possible, even with a steam clean, to guarantee that every stain could be removed and every piece of fabric would survive, the owner decided the risk was worth it.

The risk paid off and it proved possible to save much of what was there, so that initial expenditure on getting the hotel to a state where it was appealing, comfortable and as welcoming to guests as possible was kept as low as possible.

A thorough steam clean is very effective for tiles, grout, kitchen grease and carpets. However, it can also be used on a wide range of other materials and surfaces. jets of super-hot dry steam penetrate into the gaps between tiles, removing all bacteria, mildew and soap scum.

It can ensure that the dirt built up deep into the fibres of carpets is completely removed. A small test area can identify whether the material is colour fast, a particular problem with blues and reds.

In fact, the list of items that can benefit from a steam cleaning service is lengthy and includes curtains, drapes, blinds and mini blinds, ceramic tiles, outdoor furniture, plastic, fibreglass, upholstery, natural and synthetic fabrics, leather, vinyl, rugs, carpets, wood floors, mattresses, pillows, kitchen appliances, office furniture, porcelain, chrome, work surfaces and painted surfaces.

It is also environmentally friendly using super-hot water converted to steam and no chemicals and can remove many of the organisms, such as dust mites, that are causes of allergies plus leaving most surfaces as dry as possible after cleaning.

Before deciding that there is no alternative to expensive refurbishments, whether it is re-tiling in bathrooms and kitchens or replacing upholstered furniture and soft furnishings, it is worth paying a specialist commercial cleaner to give everything a thorough steam clean.

The outcome could, in the long run, be a substantial saving on cost.

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