A Simple Way To Put Up Children's Wall Murals

Using children’s wall murals as a way to decorate a child’s bedroom walls is something that a lot of parents want to do but are often constrained by the lack of financial resources — or due to conditions in their rental contracts. Painting a wall mural usually involves the services of a professional mural artist and buying all the paint and implements he needs in order to complete the job – this costs a whole lot of money that could be spent on necessities.

Other parents who live in rental residences like apartments and condominiums end up stumped as to how to make murals in their child’s rooms because they are not allowed by the owners to paint and put holes, nails or tacks in their walls. The answer to these dilemmas is mural wallpapers, decals, and stick-ons that are easily installed and are equally easy to remove without leaving any trace. Now that you know that you can actually do this project without much difficulty, complications, and costs, all one needs to know are the steps needed to take in order to complete the wall mural project with the least amount of hassles.

1. Decide on a design or theme for your child’s bedroom. If you are decorating for a newborn, you can actually make decisions on your own or with your partner. Otherwise, it is best to sit down and talk to the child to find out what kind of d├ęcor or theme he would be interested in having in his room – you are, after all, decorating to stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity, and not yours. There are design galleries in most shops and stores offering mural wallpapers, decals, and stickers that you and your child can go through for some ideas.

2. Make some measurements. Wallpapers, decals, and stickers for these children’s wall murals come in a variety of sizes and are often customizable depending on specifications. One may want to put up a mural on a portion of a wall trimmed by a decorative border or wrap the entire mural around all the walls of the child’s room to simulate a whole new environment. Your child’s room could be decked out as Jimmy Neutron’s futuristic city or a lush forest where he can pretend-play with Bambi.

3. Look for the right materials for your mural. There are a lot of stores offering materials for these children’s wall murals. Apart from having a design that appeals to you and your child, you have to look for materials that are safe to put in the child’s bedroom – purchase only those that are made of child-safe and environmentally friendly materials. Of course, it goes without saying that your choice should be one that you can easily manage to install and take out on your own when it’s time to redecorate.

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