A Guide to High Gloss Furniture


In this quick-start guide to high gloss furniture, you’ll discover:

  • The definition of high gloss furniture
  • The benefits of this exciting new fashion trend
  • Where to find custom built furniture with a highly polished finish

What is High Gloss Furniture?

This is a new fashion trend in contemporary homes, encompassing any piece of furniture with a shiny and highly reflective finish. Imagine a grand piano with its jet black, super smooth, polished finish. It looks stunning. Now imagine replicating this look with just about any type of furniture – from sleek white bathroom cabinets, to glossy hi-tech AV furniture, to elegant fitted wardrobes in the bedroom. It creates a fabulous contemporary look in any modern house or apartment.

However, it’s extremely difficult to create high gloss furniture in a DIY capacity, so you’ll need to see a specialist vendor that has the right tools and techniques to create the perfect finish. Most commercial finishes are lacquer based, involving an expensive spray and a way to flash cure the finish. Piano finishes in particular are lacquered then rubbed and polished to a high sheen. A lot of technology and effort goes into creating that slick gloss finish – and it is worth the effort!

The Benefits of High Gloss Furniture

This unique finish creates a smooth, clean, contemporary and minimalist feel in any home. It is very successfully mixed with wood finishes such like walnut and wenge to create a contrasting and dramatic effect.

But aside from the beautiful, sleek design element, such furniture offers another major advantage. It brightens up any room by reflecting light instead of absorbing it. By day, as long as there is some sunlight entering the house, your new glossy surfaces will keep the house feeling light and energetic. By night, it reflects artificial light provided by overhead lights and lamps. This adds another dimension to flat or dull spaces, and can completely change the look of a room.

An added benefit of reflecting light is that it creates the illusion of even further space, much like a mirror. While appropriately sized furniture can provide extra storage space and remove clutter, this is one piece of furniture which has an even greater effect – by changing the look and feel of the light in the room. This makes high gloss furniture the perfect choice for small living areas like city apartments.

Where to Find Custom High Gloss Furniture

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