A Few Great Tips on Cleaning Patio Furniture


If you want your patio furniture to look good and last a long time then it is important to take good care of it. In this article you will learn how to care for your patio set to insure its longevity.

How to Properly Clean Patio Furniture Cushions

1. Mix the Solution For Cleaning
Many choices for selecting a solution for cleaning outside fabrics are available. There are also homemade solutions you can look up. If you mix the solution yourself make sure you put it in a spray bottle. Cleaners you buy from the store will already be available in spray bottles.

2. Make Sure To Soak the Cushions
Each side of the cushions should be thoroughly soaked with the cleaning solution. Using a good amount of the solution will guarantee that all the mildew and mold stuck in the creases gets cleaned off.

3. Let the Solution Sit For a While
Letting the soaked cushions soak for around 15 – 20 minutes is usually long enough. The pressure of an outdoor hose works best for washing off all the solution and the dirt. Stains may not wash away so easily and will need to be scrubbed.

4. Dry the Cushions
The cushions will not dry properly if they are just put back on the chairs right away. Be sure to prop your cushions up against something to let them air dry nicely on both sides.

5. Apply a Fabric Protector
Before placing your cushions back on the chairs, be sure to spray them down with a good fabric protector while they are still slightly damp. Spraying your furniture with a good scotch guard will make future attempts at cleaning the cushions a little easier there are many different brands of scotch guards to choose from.

Vinyl and Plastic Patio Furniture

1. Clear Away the Big Things
Using a nylon brush that is dry works great for clearing away things like sticks, leaves and other debris.
Use an outdoor hose to wash away the dirt from under the debris that was cleared away.

2. Wipe It Down
Usually a rag and some water with dish soap will work great at wiping the surface clean. If the dirt is caked on then you might consider scrubbing it with a nylon brush first.

3. Rinse It Off Then Dry It
Your furniture will look great and be good to sit at again after you rinse it off then let it air dry.

Steel and Aluminum Furniture

Vinegar water works wonders for shining your steel and aluminum furniture. This solution is easy to make. Just mix equal amount of both water and vinegar.

Wooden Patio Furniture

The items you may need to clean wooden furniture are a pair of rubber gloves, wood cleaner and a brush with soft bristles.

1. First put on your gloves then read the instructions on the cleaner before beginning.

2. Rinse your wooden furniture with some water and then let it air dry.

Painted Wood or Wicker Furniture

For these kinds of furniture you will want to choose a cleaner that is not too strong. You can be sure that the detergent you choose will not eat the paint by doing a small test patch first.

1. Use a brush with soft bristles to scrub away stubborn spots after cleaning the furniture.

2. Thoroughly rinse and then let air dry.
Some tricks for cleaning outdoor furniture work better than others. To find what works best for you, check the internet for effective suggestions.

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