9 x 12 Area Rugs


Rugs come in various sizes and it is often a tricky task to choose the right size. The sizes of rugs vary in accordance with the usual sizes of rooms. Most times, the rooms have standard dimensions, for instance bathrooms can be any of these dimensions – 2×3, 3×5 or 4×6. Likewise, living rooms and dining rooms are 5×8, 8×10, or 9×12 in dimensions. Out of all these sizes, a 9×12 rug is the one that is the most common, as it is the largest of all and best covers the big rooms of your home, like the living room.

Some people like to keep small rugs in the middle of a big room, like placing a small rug tactfully under a center table in the living area, or a rug, which is a little bigger than the dining table, placed under it. There are also people, who prefer keeping a 9×12 area rug that covers the whole room, instead of keeping a small rug. Often, people who have babies at home prefer this arrangement to keep the baby from crawling on the bare floor, which is usually very cold and unhygienic too.

These days some people use 9×12 rugs for a unique purpose – as wall hangings to decorate the walls. Of course, the wall should be big enough to hold the 9×12 area rug.

If you wish to purchase these large rugs for your home, the best way is to search online for stores where these rugs are sold. You can then call the list of stores in your area, to enquire about the availability of the size you want. If the size is available, you can make a visit to the store to check out the various designs for purchasing. Otherwise, you can purchase the rug online too, but the catch here is that the rug cannot be checked physically.

The first thing that you should do before you purchase a rug is to take a measurement of the room where you want the rug to be placed. Many a times, a wrong measurement leads to little space for furniture. Do a thorough and appropriate measurement, keeping in mind the final decor of the room.

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