5 Simple Space Saving Ideas For Condos


Many people are buying or renting in small spaced properties like a house, a condo unit, or an apartment for various reasons. Some are considering their budget, location or proximity to school & offices, house maintenance, and for privacy & security considerations. With all these reasons, we still want our own space, despite its size to be as homey and cozy as possible. Having a small space to live has a lot of challenges when it comes to keeping it comfy and not to look crammed or congested. Choosing the right color, decor, lighting & furniture can make your small space to have a larger view.

5 Space saving ideas that can help you give your little haven a more spacious look

1. Small Space Decorating

Soft and monochromatic colors in small spaces give it a wider look and visual continuity while contrasting colors tend to break it. Choose pieces of furniture for your condo unit with colors that blend and match to wall color. Do not over accessorize if you want to create an open feeling. Keep window curtains simple. Avoid bulky and solid furniture like sofa with hidden legs. Try to use seats with exposed legs and short pieces of furniture instead. Mirrors also create a more spacious illusion. You can choose a low round glass top table than a solid wood table and adding glass shelves across deep-set windows.

2. Do not Block Walkways

Eliminate obstructions. Arrange furniture is such a way that it will not block the views into a room. Condo Furnishings should not cover the windows. Replace bulky appliance with smaller one; Like a big refrigerator to a personal refrigerator. The further you can see into and through a space and the floor, the larger it will seem.

3. Proper Lighting

A well-lit space looks larger. You can use full spectrum bulbs to light your home. You can maintain an expansive feeling by keeping your windows open and clean so that natural light can enter. Light cool colors also give an airy open feel; you can choose soft tones of blue and green for a curtain. Put also some lighting inside the closets so you can easily see what is inside.

4. Clear Clutters

Less is more! A small condo unit becomes more congested with things scattered everywhere. Having too much unnecessary stuffs and unorganized things make the room looks crammed. To have a more open feeling and less stress, arrange all your stuffs and other collectibles in the shelves. Choose wireless to get rid of your bulky CD. You can transfer your favorite music in your computer.

5. Invite Some Company

Treat yourself at home. Have some dinner parties once in a while with relatives and friends for an added bonus. Keeping this in mind gives you more motivation to maintain and take good care of your little haven.

Applying the above simple yet effective space saving ideas can improve improve the appearance of your condo giving it a homey and more spacious feel!

Source by Ana Puno

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